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He'd finally told her to go, have fun, shine in every dimension of her personality, and come home to him.

He quoted Richard Bach, 'If you love someone set them free. If they don't, they never were.' They'd talked about the impact of a five-week vacation from each other, specifically on their burgeoning relationship.

Mike had shrugged to indicate his uncertainty in any of those options. I'd like to see what I look like, especially when I'm riding you with my breasts flopping around.

He did, however, ask Amber to send him dirty emails, sound clips, and videos of what she was doing with Roger Moore or anybody else she 'entertained.' In her flight bag was her Apple laptop computer, plus the myriad connecting cables and chargers to two remote cameras and a remote sound pickup. But, he asked if I would do some sound recordings or videos of us fucking or whatever and send them to him. Even better, I'd like to see what your cock looks like as it spears into my hot little pussy over and over and brings us both orgasms and me a cream pie that just oozes out for the camera." Roger thought a moment.

The trip to Australia had to be the time for the talk, and she'd rehearsed her opening words many times in the week previous to boarding the private jet. She said, "How would you like to start right now with a few photographs?

As the plane reached altitude on the way to San Diego where they'd refuel for the trans-Pacific leg of the trip, Amber moved to stand behind Roger as he read. " She reached into the pocket of her skirt and pulled out her cell phone.

He could see her bare hip in the photo, and Roger was apparently naked as well. He had a vision of her naked body being plundered by the satisfying cock.

She was determined to earn every cent of the money using every skill she had.

Amber had worried and talked things over with Mike.

She was in the copilot's seat of a corporate jet, surrounded by the dials, gauges, switches, radios, and other elements that controlled the plane.

She had one hand on the yoke in front of her, a radio headset on her head, and smiled up at the camera; her other hand also hefted one breast towards the camera so that the areola and tit were more obvious. Brad paused and came back to where Mike had stopped, "What's wrong? I wonder if the pilot and copilot got some of that too." Mike could barely stand the teasing. This one with a fifteen second video clip attached.

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He'd doffed his suit jacket, starched white shirt, and tie for a golf shirt, but still wore the pinstriped pants and designer shoes. Roger chuckled and looked up over his shoulder at her. She observed with a laugh, "A picture showing we're off to a good start on our trip in your plane wouldn't be out of place - a kind of bon voyage memory." Roger asked, "Just how daring do you want to be? I have an idea if your pilots won't mind a nude female in the cockpit.

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