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Skout’s Precautions, and Its Current Decision to Suspend Its Teen Community Indefinitely As a result of these incidents, Skout founder and CEO Christian Wiklund announced in a blog post to his teen users that Skout’s teen community would be indefinitely suspended, Citing safety as a number one priority, Wiklund said that, about a year ago, Skout had noticed a number of underage users entering its adult’s only community, which prompted Skout to build its teen only app..

From there, guests can take their wheelchair or stroller up one level to the Main Lobby.In this column, I will discuss the Skout situation as an example of the potential dangers of adults’ entering teen-only realms and masquerading as teens.While such sites need to exercise vigilance—as Skout apparently did—they may also need to cooperate more actively with law enforcement in order to prevent such activity from occurring.Skout’s Teen App Skout offers a mobile app and social-media platform that allows people to meet up.Its webpage states, “Life is short, you are busy and people are having fun without you right now.

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For instance, Wired Trust hires out its moderators to search for illegal activity and predators online, and offers back end technological solutions for companies that can pinpoint suspicious users or activities—reportedly by examining the age differences between them and any teens whom they might befriend.

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