Harshad chopra and anupriya kapoor dating

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Sriti denied by saying, "It's all rumors." Well jaha dhua hai waha kahi na kahi aag toh hogi.Tere Liye (Hindi: तेरे लिए) (English: For You) was a highly popular Indian television drama series that was broadcast on STAR Plus from 14 June 2010, to 2 April 2011.Their respective fathers have also been best friends.Bimlendu has cancer and is worried about his daughter's future after his death.To reassure him, Shekhar has his son married to her in a private ceremony, promising a public announcement when they grow older.Uncomfortable at first, they slowly start falling for each other.

Robindo then marries Jonaki, Mauli's sister, as payback, and later, also frames Taposh for a gas leak accident before surrendering due to his love for Mauli.It had fierce competition with Uttaran which was broadcast at the same time on rival channel. Currently, This series is centred around two young lovers, Taani Banerjee and Anurag Ganguly.Teenagers Taani and Anurag studied in the same school and have been buddies since childhood.Harshad was earlier linked to Sonam Mann, Additi Gupta and Anupriya Kapoor.He was rumored to be in a relationship with his Dharampatni co-star Aasiya Kazi as well.

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