Internet dating hostage

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Internet dating hostage

Jerry Welbach (Pitt), a somewhat less than astute young fellow in thrall to a criminal currently incarcerated, is given a seemingly simply assignment: He is to go to Mexico, where he will rendezvous at a bar in a small town, at which time he will take possession of an invaluable hand-made pistol; he will then transport the item to the States and deliver it to his boss.

But there's a problem; his girlfriend, Samantha (Roberts) expects to go to Las Vegas at the same time, and their plans were already made and set in stone. After Sam throws him out of their apartment and Jerry tries to explain-- in a memorable scene with her on the second story balcony, he on the ground looking up-- that if he doesn't do this job they will, well, KILL him, it doesn't make any difference.

In the trial now underway, the court agreed to let prosecutors present video of those interviews to save the victims having to appear in court, said the prosecutor.

Samstrom is charged with meeting girls through online social networks, then threatening to post their profile photos on pornography sites, or simply to kill the young women and their families.“They were very scared,” said Wennerström.

He avoids slapstick and plays up the natural, subtle humor that drives the film.

The characters are well drawn and the dialogue is clever and witty (`You ‘Forrest Gumped' your way through this...') and often very droll.

Canadian criminal law does now address internet sexual predators in various ways, but it might make sense to include acts like those alleged in Sweden under the heading of sexual assault, too, said St.

The victims in Canada were tracked down by the “super-professional” RCMP, who interviewed them on behalf of the Swedes.

Bjorn Samstrom, a 41-year-old man from near Uppsala allegedly threatened to kill the girls he met over social networks or post photos of them on pornography sites, unless they performed sexual acts, including bestiality, in front of webcams as he watched. No one in Sweden has ever been convicted of rape for deeds that occurred over the internet — let alone on another continent — but prosecutors are hoping to set a precedent, she said.“We’re really challenging the court now with this case,” admitted Wennerström in an interview from Stockholm.“It’s only the sexual predator’s imagination that sets the limits. So we have to adapt our mindset to, ‘What can a rape be? You don’t always have to have the textbook case of a physical attack or physical coercion.”Under Swedish law, rape is the most serious form of sexual crime; it does not have to involve intercourse, but does require an act deemed to be as serious a violation of sexual integrity as intercourse.

The 41-year-old man from near Uppsala, Sweden, is charged with “gross rape” and other offences related to 27 victims in Canada, the U. David Matas, a lawyer and spokesman for Beyond Borders, a Canadian group that fights sexual exploitation of children, said he is aware of no attempt here to charge an internet-only predator with sexual assault, Canada’s equivalent of rape.

Perhaps the closest parallel in Canada was the Kingston, Ont., case of Mark Bedford, convicted in 2008 of blackmailing several girls into performing sex acts on camera.

He was found guilty of several offences, including child-pornography-related crimes, extortion and inciting a child to perform bestiality, earning a three-year prison sentence.

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A man is on trial in Sweden charged with a novel crime: raping girls in Canada and two other foreign countries entirely over the internet, with no physical contact between him and the alleged victims.

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