Jennette mccurdy who is she dating xbox 360 media library not updating

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Jennette mccurdy who is she dating

In the TV movie "Chasing Zoey", he goes to the prom with Quinn, but storms out when he thinks he is being used and is not seen afterward; but in the alternative ending, Quinn apologizes to Dustin and he later dances with an unknown girl.Although credited as a main character, Dustin only appeared in 25 of 65 episodes throughout the series.Zoey runs for class president but drops out due to her friendship with Chase.Zoey has two enemies, Rebecca and Stacy, but mostly she is friends with everyone at PCA and has two boyfriends during the series.Besides being his fiercest protector and closest confidante, Zoey becomes her brother's classmate at the newly co-ed PCA.A child prodigy, Dustin enjoys sharing an 8th grade geometry class with his equally savvy elder sister.Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) is the main character in the series.Zoey is the older sister of Dustin Brooks and the roommate and best friend of Dana Cruz (Season 1), Nicole Bristow (Season 1-2), Lola Martinez (Season 2-4), and Quinn Pensky (Season 1-4); she is also the best friend of Chase Matthews.

He works at PCA's Sushi Rox restaurant for the first three seasons.

He is frequently seen playing or carrying a guitar and is also shown to play the cello.

Chase once wrote a play for the school, and cast himself as a lifeguard who falls in love with a cute alien girl (played by Zoey), so they would actually kiss in the play; but Logan had a good audition for the male lead role and got the part instead (although Logan never did kiss Zoey).

He has been known to be very clumsy, usually falling down stairs.

It was revealed in the episode "Favor Chain," that Chase has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things having to do with comic books.

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