Mancinelli tinder dating site

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Mancinelli tinder dating site

t believe that another person defrauded me out of my hard earned money and that my mom?

Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that allows users swipe left(dislike) or right(like) and allows users to chat if both parties swiped to the right.

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" I hung up- and got this sick feeling in my stomach, I was harassed for months by someone unknown to me so this really creaped me out, so I decided to google the # after I got nothing from -com I decided to call back and again "Customer Service how may I help you" so I asked Customer Service to which company?

she gave me "film comany for families" so I questioned where was my # retrieved from as it's private- she said from white pages and private database- so I asked why did she call?

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I have had my # for years and now this- He doesn't get it, there is no Charles herereceived calls in minutes from ,had something to do with google online business,asked for me by name, told them "I" didnt live here anymore then they tried to get me to do the scam, and wouldnt let me off the phone till i hung up I was called by a mr-robert lopez anjd informed that I had won - million and a mercedes ,all IO had to do was pay - dollars to receive my prize when I told them it was a scam he told me he was going to bring his aka and shoot me these guys should be brought to justice and hanged they are the lowest of the lowest Wilmington Accident Lawyer Ross Pl Wilmington, CA , We offer expert help in cases of personal injury - we have the experience and the needed confidence- Personal Injury, Personal Injury Lawyer, Accident Lawyer, Accident Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney My apologies- The number for At Your Service is ()-, not which is the number that keeps calling me(I had my numbers switched around)- On googling it, there is no real info on the so I don't know now whose calling me from there- Again, my apologies to the cleaning service folks :)I received a call from this number and they had dialed the wrong number- They didn't offer to sell me anything, but I thought I should post this up-Escondido Mortgagewww-escondidomortgage-org West nd Avenue Escondido CA How can you be sure? - We offer a wide range of services from painting and wallpapering to plastering and powerwashing- We combine years of experience with creativity and innovative techniques- The satisfaction of our customers is both our motivation and incentive, and we strive to provide the best possible service- We love happy customers Painting Contractor, Residential Painting Service, Commercial Painting Service, Interior Painting Service, Exterior Painting Service bfpainters-com Don't do that- My sister-in-law had the same problem and I just got scammed too- If you deposit or cash the check you are responsible for it- That is why they do it, cause it makes you legally responsible- You could face criminal charges They are a scam and violating the FDCPA- Refuse to identify themselves other than "Regional" and claiming is the "litigation department"- , They are NOT Attorneys- They gave me a fake "case number", case numbers start with the digit case year, then have a digit case number- This did not even fit those guide lines- They left a very detailed message for some guy I don't know- The only thing they did not identify was that they are a debt collector calling to collect a debt (per FDCPA), they did not identify their names, personal or business, they did not identify the original creditors, nothing- I'm actually a debt collector- Difference is, I follow the law and don't abuse or threaten people- It's companies like this that it hard for me to do my job and give me a bad name No one spoke when I answered, then they finally did and said they were with the Southern Energy Group or some such name and wanted to come in my home to show me how to save energy- The caller repeatedly said they don't sell anything- I asked for a web site or literature and they said they did not have any, but their "technicians" have IDs- Beware Forgot to say that I did call the number (after blocking outgoing caller ID) and the number is apparently currently unassigned, i-e- spoofed- Another indication that's it's somebody that deserves to be disposed of rather quickly Today started getting calls from , The calls came in at the following times: : am, : am, : am, : am, and : am- Called Verizon to put a block on this phone number- They will block up to numbers for a day period- This is the th number I have reported to Verizon- Go to www-ftccomplaint-gov to report harassing phone numbers to the Federal Trade Commission- You need to register your phone number first in order to file a report- Other reports say to enter the phone number and set it for no ring tone Keep asking for Frank- calls in one day- Have explained they are calling a cell phone and that I am on the do not call list, but they keep saying I entered a sweepstakes- SCAM- When I have tried to call back, I get disconnected Called my office and called me several names, such as a dog, dirt and hired help like a no good maid and that I need to shut-up when he is talking and not to put him on hold to answer another call, because he was important and I was not- I just hung up on him- He called again laughing, so I hung up again, called several times after that and each time I just hang up Well, it's nice to know I'm not along- I will be reporting this to the Federal Trade Commission, AND THE STATE ATTONEY OFFICE- I owe - To me, it's not the money, it the manor in which Mr- DEMEN MARTIN handles it- He CALLED ME A BUTCH YOU CRIMINAL I urage everyone to report this guy he is the same guy- He's what you do- If you talk to this guy, tell him he is putting you under direst- If that doesn't work then- GO TO THIS WEB SITE RECOVERY SEARCH IT WILL TELL YOU WHERE THE CALL IS COMING FROM i FOUND HE IS IN N-J CITY IS CLOSTER- ALWAYS TYPE IN THE NUMBER THAT CALLED YOU-IF THERE IS A TIME TO ACT AND YOU ARE TRIED OF HIM REPORT THIS GUY- I TOLD HIM, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO SEE HIM IN COURT- l through dount it will happen- Let's get this perpetrator I received a text in regards to an advertisement I had put up- Seller is FAKE- Do not believe a word this person says- Plus they have terrible grammar- To help others here is what the scammer sent to me via text-SCAMMER: "Hello am intrested in your [item]- I will like to know if it still available-"ME: "Yeah, it's still available-"SCAMMER: "thanks for getting back to me i will like to know your last asking price and need you to send price to me on email so that i can show my son when he come back- what is your mode of payment?