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The first is to assess the technical feasibility and safety of in-vivo focal imaging with CLE and OCT.The second is to identify and define characteristics of PCa and normal prostate tissue in CLE and OCT imaging by comparing these images with the corresponding histopathology.Methods: In this prospective, in vivo feasibility study, needle-based CLE and OCT imaging will be performed prior to biopsy or surgery in patients before undergoing TTMB or radical prostatectomy.First, CLE and OCT will be performed in 4 patients (2 for each imaging modality) undergoing TTMB to assess the feasibility and safety of CLE and OCT.Results: At present the study is enrolling patients, results and outcomes are expected at the end of 2018.Conclusions: CLE and OCT are promising optical imaging techniques that can visualize and analyze tissue structure, grade, and architecture real-time.Since GHQ's policy changed and became more anti-communist, Kishi was released from Sugamo Prison, and later established the Japan Democratic Party.In his book "Utsukushii Kuni e" ("Toward a Beautiful Country"), Abe wrote "Some people used to point to my grandfather as a 'Class-A war criminal suspect', and I felt strong repulsion.

This study will provide insight into the feasibility and tissue-specific characteristics of CLE and OCT for real-time optical analysis of PCa.Because of that experience, I may have become emotionally attached to 'conservatism', on the contrary".In 1955, Shigeru Yoshida's Liberal Party and Kishi's Democratic Party merged as an anti-leftist coalition and was reestablished as the LDP.Abe's mother, Yoko Kishi, is the daughter of Nobusuke Kishi, prime minister of Japan from 1957 to 1960.Kishi had been a member of the Tōjō Cabinet during the Second World War.

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He was re-elected in the 2014 general election, retaining his two-thirds majority with coalition partner Komeito, and again in the 2017 general election.