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I need time to get to know the characters before I can give a crap.

And I just don't care at all about Jane and Michael or Jane and Rafael, especially because Rafael is pretty much one of the most boring supporting characters ever.

'She has asked to remain anonymous but asked that I share her words here because the photographer still works in the industry.

She wants to encourage other women to speak up.'Russell explained that the 34 women who have come forward with accusations of sexual harassment and rape against Harvey Weinstein played a part in her wanting to publicize her colleague's stories.'We talked about how hard it is to share stories of assault.

Cause I searched who Jane ends up with and it's Michael. I mean, Michael is a good guy but Rafael is a good guy too. And I just don't get it that they won't end up with each other. I learn so much of the culture from this show and if this series ever ends, I will watch it again from the start, just like Suburgatory and Selfie... However, by episode 29, Jane is simply an annoying as a character--her lack of common sense (despite the narrator's description otherwise), her naiveté, her stubbornness and self-righteousness --all come together to make her very unappealing.

Okay, so I'm on season 2 episode 8 but I'm gonna stop. In South Africa we don't have telenovellas or anything spanish, so this is refreshing and absolutely worth the watch for me..

A male model also spoke out anonymously, revealing that a photographer once touched his genitals during a shoot and demanding the model pose for 'sexier' pictures in exchange for 'free photos'.'People think because you're a guy you can control this stuff,' the model wrote. When they are the norm, calling them out can feel disruptive and unprofessional,' she added.'On many occasions I've been called a feminist for reporting unwanted groping, spanking, pinching, pressure for dates, phone calls and texts of a sexual nature, lack of appropriate changing areas, etc.'And because the response has always been "are you surprised? When the offenses were bigger, calling them out is terrifying, and demands a level of exposure and backlash to what is already painful and sometimes shameful.'Among the testimonies published by Russell is that of a model who recounted how a photographer told her when she was just 19 years old and sent to New York City by her agency that he 'always' had sex with the models he photographed.'When he caught on to my disgust he began to tell me how I was delusional in coming to New York because I was fat and that no agency would never want to sign me,' the model wrote, adding that when she began tearing up, the man cruelly told her: 'Welcome to the industry.' Another model revealed that when she was underage, a photographer insisted to take naked photos of her, even though she took it upon herself to remind the man that he would get in trouble due to her young age.It also has some good twists, and the mystery element isn't super predictable.But the romance, for crying out loud, how the frick am I supposed to invest in relationships when they are introduced as being 2 years along in the first episode!

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Yes to a certain extent we can but we should never rule our environment and the part played by it in our destiny. Even the antagonists are likable - particularly Petra.