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Who is bella swan dating in real life

Jeremy met his first wife, Kirsty, in 1988 when he joined the Bristol agency where she worked as a secretary. He once described it thus: 'Gambling is the mistress that truly seduced me.I'll never understand what a hit of heroin feels like, but gambling I get.She once described how she went to draw some money from their joint account for maternity clothes — only to find he'd blown the lot.'When I contacted the bank, I found out that he'd run up a £4,500 overdraft.They'd been trying to get hold of me but Jeremy must have intercepted the mail.'Things came to a head when he was £12,000 in debt and was told he had to pay back the money month by month or be declared bankrupt.

My friends were faceless men in dingy betting shops.'I got to a stage where I was betting every single day.The winners, in 1999, were blonde model Carla Germaine and sales manager Greg Cordell. He conceded: 'I met my wife in the most bizarre circumstances.'In one interview he went further, saying: 'One day we are going to sit our kids down and tell them Mummy married a stranger on a radio show in Birmingham.'After her divorce from the stranger came through, Carla and Kyle married in 2002, had three children and set up home in Windsor, in Berkshire.Needless to say, the experiment didn't work, and within three months, Carla and Greg had split. Jeremy said that he hoped he had at last found a love which would stand the test of time, like his parents.Patrick Kyle's working life was spent at Clarence House, and he was, apparently, one of the first people to see Diana, Princess of Wales in her wedding dress on the morning of the ceremony.Jeremy said: 'I remember standing in the garden of Clarence House and going down to Windsor Castle with dad.

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He cites his father's work ethic as an inspiration.